We can produce detailed drawings using AutoCAD® and Inventor®3D modelling. Our skilled technicians lead all projects through this critical stage, ensuring the development of innovative conceptual designs into true ‘buildability’ for the purpose of our artisan joiners down on the factory floor. While pushing the boundaries of design, our draughtsmen continue to find the best manufacturing solutions – without compromising design intent.



At Tekne we have invested heavily in our wood mill facilities to ensure that we have one of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced Mills on the South Coast. We can deliver timber engineered solutions that make use of the latest in CNC technology, along with our full suite of traditional timber conversion machinery. Having all of this knowledge on site and under one roof means shorter lead times and a more efficient operating platform when coordinating large projects.


Our commercial spray and finishing facility caters for all of our clients finishing requirements, from traditional hand finished French Polishing, to cutting edge Liquid Metal Technologies, we provide a real solution to any aesthetic finish required. We're also proud to offer Liqui-Met, a cold, applied decorative metal coating that enables the transformation on any substrate, giving the impression that it is solid metal.



Along with our precise finishing capabilities, our factory also provides an in-house veneering facility operated by a fully trained, experienced and capable team. With this facility under the same roof as our workshop we are able to keep control of the entire manufacturing process, ensuring a smooth workflow through the construction process and a finished product that’s even more competitively priced.



We’re often called on to look after complete interior fit-out programmes for entire buildings - including electrics, mechanical and gas services. Managed by our dedicated site managers and teams, we constantly monitor build quality through continuous snagging, regular review meetings and rapidly resolving any problems.

Working closely with the project architect or designer we aim to add real value at every stage - from early advice on materials and design to ensuring that design intent and quality are maintained throughout production.



As we have all services under one roof, this enables us to be the main contractor on most projects. Our full site surveys mean that we can accurately develop each individual element in a project with extremely precise scale drawings, used to coordinate with other trades to make sure of complete compliance and a perfect fit on site.

We also provide video modelling using Inventor® Showcase to visualise exactly how all joinery will be constructed and how it would look with alternative materials. We find this process extremely effective when planning and producing complicated pieces.